It was expected to be mesmerized by the greatness of the greatest desert on earth, but we also fell in love with the numerous minute wonders scattered everywhere! And I am dedicating an entire blog to the stones & pebbles of Sahara. Let’s explore the ‘rock’ing Sahara day by day.

‘Whale Valley’ is the English term for Wadi Al Hitan. Any connection between whale and desert may sound strange, but those huge fossils of prehistoric whales found and kept in Wadi Al Hitan would make you re-think over this matter! Let’s proceed to Wadi Al Hitan; I’ll explain everything on time. It was the first... Continue Reading →

‘Moon-land’ is the place for which we planned our Sahara trip on the first place. Years ago, we came to know about this place from Google image and then & there, our bucket list got modified!! We wanted to be there, in the White Desert of Sahara, on a full moon night!! Later, when we... Continue Reading →

Sand dunes after sand dunes…. surreal patterns of light & shadow…. numerous ripples on sand… all of those were like a dream, something that only can be seen in National Geographic Channel and nobody like us can ever be able to be in that type of mystic land… we felt exactly that way until Khaled... Continue Reading →

Still there exists a region in China beyond red lanterns, ideograms and chopsticks, where people chat less online, rather mostly face to face! This is Xinjiang Autonomous Region, where you can have a taste of the good old charm of central Asia and Kashgarh, aka Kashi, is an ideal base camp to get started. Located... Continue Reading →

They call it ‘The Lost Palette of God’, though I must say that the entire credit should not go to the God. Here, the soil is red, extremely red! ‘God’ or nature whomever you wish to consider is behind this red color, but keeping some parts of the red terraces bare is human’s idea and... Continue Reading →

How to Visit Xinjiang Province : Tips for Foreign Travelers

A Brief Idea about Xinjiang Province Location: Xinjiang, Uyghur Autonomous Region, the north-western province of China is the largest Chinese administrative division. Countries like Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan & India neighbor Xinjiang. Natural Features: This region, being the home to the deadly desert Taklamakan and encircled by mountain ranges like Pamir, Karakoram,... Continue Reading →

"Once you get in, you'll never get out!" That’s the meaning of the Uyghur word Taklamakan, as it was notorious for snatching the lives of countless travelers, merchants & warriors for ages. The northern and southern branches of legendary silk route, spread along east and west passed through Taklamakan and therefore this death zone was... Continue Reading →

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