Umden, a calm & quite hamlet of the Rivoi District of Meghalaya amidst lush greeneries is a perfect place for relaxation, but that was not our key motivation to be there; rather we were dying to see whether Eri Silk is really generated by keeping the silkworm alive or not! Usually in all over the... Continue Reading →

Travelling is not just seeing of sights. Sound matters! Darkness fell over the village, while we arrived at Kongthong, a small hamlet in the Khasi hills of Meghalaya. As soon as we got down from the car, we heard a high-pitch sound like birds chirping! Then again, another sound! And another! Yes! Here we come!... Continue Reading →

To hear the heartbeats of a city, I visit markets. I watch people; observe what they do and how; hence try to assume the mass-nature and lifestyle. So wherever I go, markets are always in my must-visit list. Here I am portraying few markets of Egypt and going to explain what I think about them.... Continue Reading →

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