Travelling is not just seeing of sights. Sound matters! Darkness fell over the village, while we arrived at Kongthong, a small hamlet in the Khasi hills of Meghalaya. As soon as we got down from the car, we heard a high-pitch sound like birds chirping! Then again, another sound! And another! Yes! Here we come!... Continue Reading →

Still there exists a region in China beyond red lanterns, ideograms and chopsticks, where people chat less online, rather mostly face to face! This is Xinjiang Autonomous Region, where you can have a taste of the good old charm of central Asia and Kashgarh, aka Kashi, is an ideal base camp to get started. Located... Continue Reading →

"Once you get in, you'll never get out!" That’s the meaning of the Uyghur word Taklamakan, as it was notorious for snatching the lives of countless travelers, merchants & warriors for ages. The northern and southern branches of legendary silk route, spread along east and west passed through Taklamakan and therefore this death zone was... Continue Reading →

Previous Post Egyptian Museum, Cairo : A Self-Guided Visit (Part-1) ...... Continued from part 1 As my brain started getting overloaded by the infinite glittering visuals of royal burial, I was looking for something different, rather more meaningful and less showy and plenty of such collections were there in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo to... Continue Reading →

‘Rome was not built in a day’- so was not the epitome of perfections, the Pyramids. In Giza, Pyramids touched the zenith of human marvels but it started its journey much earlier from the unshaped mounds called mastabas, then to step pyramids and to the perfect pyramids. Thus the royal necropolis of Dahsur plays an... Continue Reading →

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