Still there exists a region in China beyond red lanterns, ideograms and chopsticks, where people chat less online, rather mostly face to face! This is Xinjiang Autonomous Region, where you can have a taste of the good old charm of central Asia and Kashgarh, aka Kashi, is an ideal base camp to get started. Located... Continue Reading →

They call it ‘The Lost Palette of God’, though I must say that the entire credit should not go to the God. Here, the soil is red, extremely red! ‘God’ or nature whomever you wish to consider is behind this red color, but keeping some parts of the red terraces bare is human’s idea and... Continue Reading →

How to Visit Xinjiang Province : Tips for Foreign Travelers

A Brief Idea about Xinjiang Province Location: Xinjiang, Uyghur Autonomous Region, the north-western province of China is the largest Chinese administrative division. Countries like Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan & India neighbor Xinjiang. Natural Features: This region, being the home to the deadly desert Taklamakan and encircled by mountain ranges like Pamir, Karakoram,... Continue Reading →

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