Pyramids of Giza : How We Came?

However scary and annoying the enormous tourist scams in popular historical sites of Egypt are, it would always be fun-filled if you can apply counter-tricks to those pushy people on your own favour. Our journey from Cairo downtown to Giza pyramid complex by using public transportation will be remembered ever for all those mischievous attempts…

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Pyramid Complex of Giza : Tips for Your Best Experience

Hope you are one of those countless numbers of people who have been dying to see the great pyramids of Giza through the ages. For your convenience, we are here to share our thoughts. All the suggestions written below are based on our 1st hand experience of visiting Giza as independent travelers on October 2016.…

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Pyramids of Giza: Here We Come!!!

Since childhood, words like pyramids and mummies always used to enthrall us. All the story books written on and films made on Egypt, even those boring text books of History used to declare that nothing in our planet is as old, as big and as mysterious as the great pyramids of Giza, and needless to…

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